fourfootsmallHello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Aroosa and I am the author behind fourfootsmall.  I am a petite twenty something originally hailing from the sleepy, prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, but currently residing in Northern California.  Although I call the Bay Area home these days, I am a prairie girl, through and through.

My height, or lack there of, has always been the bane of my existence.  As I grow wiser (yet not necessarily taller), I’m learning to embrace my smaller stature – which is also the inspiration behind my blog title.  

Among other things, I am a first-rate bibliophile, an absolute tea junkie, and an all around animal lover (especially animals of the feline variety).  Having studied and worked in neurodegenerative research, I have an abiding love for psychology and cognitive neuroscience.  Aside from my affinity for books, tea, animals, and the human brain, I also have an insatiable appetite for baking, recipe development, and food photography!

My philosophy in life is that things should be simple and not overly convoluted.  This includes meal preparation.  I was brought up in a Pakistani Canadian household on traditional, healthy, ethnic food.  My mother heralded the importance of organic, fresh foods long before it became fashionable to do so.  My brothers and I were fortunate to indulge on fresh, homemade meals that were prepared from scratch in little to no time.  And although we complained of the smell of the spices that lingered on our clothing long after our meals were over, what my mother offered us at every meal was simple, delectable, and more importantly, REAL food.

I hope to use this space to share what my mother shared with her children – easy, healthy, recipes to prepare quick and satisfying meals.   In addition to recipes, this blog will also be a home to my musings on life, my forum on health and lifestyle choices, and my love of puerile things.

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