Adraki Murgh (Pakistani Ginger Chicken)

Ginger Chicken 1

Ginger is one of my favourite ingredients to cook with; it’s something that I use on an almost daily basis.  It’s aromatic, spicy and slightly biting, while equally sweet, warm, and woody.  Just the scent alone can send this girl waxing nostalgic about prairie autumns and long, cold winters.  But it’s not an ingredient reserved just for the cold months.  No sir, ginger transcends seasons and can be used year round in a myriad of dishes. Continue Reading

Aloo Chole (Pakistani Potato and Chickpea Curry)



It’s funny how time slips away from us.  It’s a little disconcerting, actually.  It was only 9 months ago that I packed up most of my belongings and moved from Winnipeg down to the Bay Area.  And when I say that I packed up most of my belongings, I really mean to say that I brought with me an inane amount of well-loved cook/bake ware, teapots/coffee gadgets, and exactly three pairs of socks.  But I digress. Continue Reading